Need a new Web Site but can't think of a design?
Do you already have a brilliant design idea for your Web Site but do not have the time / expertise to convert it into a stunning user friendly a Web Site?
Our Web Design Consultants will design and create you a stunning, user friendly Web Site no matter how vague or complicated your requirements are.

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The following definitions are uysed throughout this Web Page:

  • Us, We - eLackland Consultancy Ltd. or an eLackland Consultancy Ltd. Partner
  • You, Your - Customer of eLackland Consultancy Ltd. or an eLackland Consultancy Ltd. Partner
  • Our Consultants - an employee of eLackland Consultancy Ltd. or an eLackland Consultancy Ltd. Partner
  • Your Consultant - the employee of eLackland Consultancy Ltd. or an eLackland Consultancy Ltd. Partner, that you met during your initial Consultation
  • Our Office - the Head Office or Divisional Office of eLackland Consultancy Ltd.
  • Project - the particular Service that eLackland Consultancy Ltd. will complete for you
  • Our Web & Mobile - Services (Web Design / Web Apps / Mobile Apps / Web Shops) undertaken by eLackland Consultancy Ltd. or an eLackland Consultancy Ltd. partner.
  • Mock Up Designs - HTML or PDF formatted Designs that show what a Web Page could look like. Mock Up Designs contain no usable functionality.
  • Software - Web Site / Web App / Mobile App written by eLackland Consultancy Ltd. or an eLackland Consultancy Ltd. Partner
  • Delivery - when You receive the Source for the Web Site / Web App / Mobile App created / changed by eLackland Consultancy Ltd.
  • Installation into 'Test' - set up of Software in a Test environment
  • Installation into 'Live' - set up of Software in a Commercial environment where it is used by Your Employees and / or Customers as part of Your Business.
  • Our Consultancy Services - Consultancy Services (eCommerce / Database Design / Project Management / Software Quality Assurance / Software Testing / Software Training / Technical Documentation) undertaken by eLackland Consultancy Ltd or an eLackland Consultancy Ltd. Partner.
  • Special Offer Prices - Prices that are applicable only up to and including the Date mentioned on our Web Site.


eLackland Consultancy Ltd. and all Partners of eLackland Consultanct Ltd. always endeavour to deliver each of their Services to the highest standard possible. However, if you are in any way dissatisified with our Web & Mobile or our Consultancy Services, please let us know!

See the 'COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE' Section below for details on how to do this.



After you have contacted Us, one of Our Consultants will meet with you to discuss your Service requirements before starting upon any work. This Consultant will then be Your Consult for the duration of the Project (unless the Consultant is ill or his / her employement is terminated).

This initial Consultation will be £100 unless a Special Offer (i.e. FREE initial Consultations) is displayed on the Web Site. Following this Consultation, you will be under no obligation to undertake our Services.

During the initial Consultation if you like what you hear, the next step is for Us to generate you 3 Mock-Up Designs for one of your Web Pages (for small Web Site changes this will not be applicable).

In order to do this, your Consultant will send you an E-Mail which includes:

  • A summary of your Design requirement (i.e. how many Web Pages, links to any Third Party / Social Media Web Sites, a brief layout description)
  • The price for the Mock-Up creation (this is usually £200 but maybe more for more complex Web Sites). It is also 100% refundable on confirmation of a final Order.
  • A list of any artwork and / or written text that is to be included in the Mock-Up.

The next step is for You to get in touch with Us and confirm the Design outline we have specified. Once you have done this, we will generate the 3 Mock-up Designs for you.

Once these have been completed, we will arrange a second Consultation to demonstrate the Mock-up Designs. You will then be able to take away these Designs and discuss them further with Business Partners / Colleagues. If you like what you see, let us know and we will provide you with a written no obligation quotation.

This will detail:

  • The price that you will be charged (inclusive of VAT and less the cost of Mock-Up generation)
  • Time it will take to complete the Project.
  • Expected Start and End Dates

If this is agreeable to you, all you need to do is let us know! We will then let you know the estimated Delivery Date.


Upon Completion, the Source Code for the Software will be posted to you on a USB Stick.

We always endeavor to ensure that the Software we deliver, matches Your requirements as much as possible. However, we do understand that amendments to the original requirement, may crop up after Delivery. These amendments are then dealt with as follows:

  • Small amendments (i.e. changing an Image or some Text) we generally be done for you FREE Of Charge, however note this is at the discretion of Your Consultant.
  • More substantial amendments (i.e. changes to a Web Page's functionality) may incur an additional cost which this will be discussed prior to the changes being made.

In addition, we always endeavour to deliver Software that is free of errors. However if errors do occur, eLackland Consultancy Ltd. will resolve the error FREE of charge but cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred due to these errors.


You will be Invoiced upon Delivery of the Web Site. Payment is due 30 days after the Invoice Date.


You are free to install the Software, once it has been delivered to you. Howver, if you prefer we can install the Software into Your 'Test' and / or 'Live' environments. This may incur an additional cost so must be discussed with Your Consultant in advance.


Once Payment has been made for the Project in full, the Software created by Us is owned by You. Where possible we will identify ALL Source with this Copyright information. For further information about UK Copyrighting Law and information on how to safeguard your Software against theft and abuse go to: The UK Copyright Service .


We always endeavour to ensure that Software is compatible with the latest versions of the following Web Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera

However, please note that this cannot be guaranteed as they are constantly changing.


Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services follow an iterative process that does not produce results until 3 months (at least) after the work has started.

Results cannot be guaranteed if circumstances affecting your Web Site ranking occur that are out of Our control (i.e. Web Host downtime).


If you wish to employ our Consultancy Services let us know!

After we have negotiated and agreed the details, our Consultancy Services Consultants will sign a 'Contract of Employment' Contract provided by You.

That Contract then covers the Consultants:

  • Job Role
  • Duration of employment
  • Location of employment
  • Hours to be worked
  • Payment Rate
  • Ownership of any Copyright
  • Notice Period



Please be rest assured that:

  • eLackland Consultancy Ltd. and all Partners of eLackland Consultanct Ltd. always endeavour to deliver each of their Services to the highest standard possible. However, if you are in any way dissatisified with our WEB & MOBILE or Consultancy Services, please let us know!
  • eLackland Consultancy Ltd. takes ALL Complaints seriously
  • eLackland Consultancy Ltd. will treat all of their Customer's fairly and will not discriminate against anyone (regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation or disability)
  • eLackland Consultancy Ltd. employees dealing with Complaints, all do so in a friendly, professional and curteous manner
  • eLackland Consultancy Ltd. employees dealing with Complaints, will always be as helpful as possible and never try to confuse matters by using industry jargon or abbreviations
  • eLackland Consultancy Ltd. will, if at fault, always apologise or provide a written explanation of where we went wrong
  • eLackland Consultancy Ltd. will endeavour to learn from any Complaints and use them to improve the Quality of their Services


eLackland Consultancy Ltd. always pride themselves on the good & professional relationships they have with their Customers. However, sometimes things don't go to plan!

If you have any small concerns, always feel free to discuss them with Your Consultant.

If you do feel that you should raise a formal Complaint. Please follow the procedure outlined below.


You can register a Complaint with us in any of the following ways:

  • In Person - Any Complaints made 'in Person' must be done so at our Head Office. Please ask for our Customer Services Manager when you arrive
  • In Writing - Any Complaints must be directed to the Customer Services Dept., 28 St. Georges Drive, Bransgore, Bh43 8EZ
  • By Email - Any Complaints must be emailed to ''
  • By Telephone - Please contact us on +44 (0)845 5212874 and ask to speak to the Customer Services Manager


If you do make a Complaint, our Customer Service Manager will formally log your Complaint.

Please provide our Customer Service Manager, with as much detail as possible. This will help us process your Complaint quicker. The Customer Services Manager will then independantly investigate the Complaint.

eLackland Consultancy Ltd. aim to provide you with a written response that will resolve your concerns, within 14 days.


If you are still not happy, our Managing Director will personally contact you to discuss the matter further.


By placing an order with eLackland Consultancy Ltd., you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the Terms and Conditions below.

In addition, We reserve the right to refuse to include or handle in any way, material (i.e. Text, Images) that may be deemed as offensive, illegal or in any way controversial.